The real-time streaming media field is developing fast. This field is expanding because of the development of technology and everyone’s favor for the live broadcast.

As a result, a large number of broadcast platforms have emerged. Now, the broadcast device has become an excellent channel to promote products and brands.

Its fast transmission speed and unlimited geographical distribution make it suitable in various industries. Thus, many businesses are also willing to use it in live broadcasts. For example, some seminars need to show their sessions live. To do that, one must have the necessary equipment, especially a live video encoder.

Applications of Live Video Encoder

What is the application range of a live video encoder? Here, MiNE media, as a company specializing in the development and production of video encoders, will introduce it to everyone.

Mainstream live streaming applications are as follows:

  • Broadcasting Industry: It includes broadcasting of various programs such as live television broadcasts, interviews, and news reporting, etc.
  • Sports Industry: Live streaming of several sports such as football, volleyball, tournament, other sports events, etc.
  • Online Remote Education: Today’s education system is becoming more advanced. Now, students attend online classes. It includes online school, tuition centre, live streaming of language classes, resource sharing, etc.
  • Live events: Live streaming is typical in usual activities, such as weddings, concerts, churches, conferences, etc.

These are a few of them; but, live streaming applications are so widespread in various other industries.


The live video encoder plays a vital role in live streaming. The primary function of the live video encoder is to encode the video captured by the camera and then stream it to the network server. At present, many businesses prefer to use live video encoders that are portable and easy to set up, such as SDI encoder and HDMI encoder.