With each passing day, worship houses around the globe work hard on uplifting their societies. However, in today’s hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, not everyone can follow the daily or weekly routine of visiting a worship place. Live streaming is the best solution, whether used for events, functions, or services.

In the current digital world, live streaming is not limited to traditional broadcasting only, such as music concerts, news portals, award shows, sports, etc. This industry is expanding speedily.

4 Reasons to Consider Live Streaming Church Services

Live streaming may sound like a troublesome, highly technical, and challenging endeavor, but the truth is, many churches start with it just by using the devices they already have.

Live streaming church services are now more accessible and affordable than ever before. Here we are listing four good reasons to consider live streaming in the church services.

1. An Opportunity to Watch Missed Worship

Live streaming accommodates congregants who are unable to attend worship. There can be various reasons that a person couldn’t participate in a particular prayer, such as illness, old age, harsh weather conditions, or conflicting schedules. We live in a time when it is harder for people to attend weekly worships. Offering a live stream allows people to watch from home or to watch the video later in the week.

2. Meet New Devotees

The second reason is to reach new worshippers. In this connected age, most people check out a church’s website before attending a church for the first time. Thus, a live stream is an excellent way to show them what to expect in worship. Many families come to church precisely because of the live stream. And many of the existing church families regularly make use of the live stream to stay connected.

3. Get United

The Third reason is to train people and raise financial support. When people get united, they can raise thousands of dollars for good work. Besides, people who do not have access to robust theological training prefer to work in churches in other countries. Now, you don’t even have to leave your building to train people and influence others around the world.

4. Nurturing the Habit of Giving

The last reason is to help people make donations quickly and comfortably. Giving is an essential part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. So, a live stream can unite content people together and help them make a group donation from an easy to use platform.

So, these are a few reasons that make live streaming in the church services worth considering.

Current Statistics

In line with a 2015 Pew Study, the average number of Americans attending church services once a week fell by 4%-36% between 2007 – 2014. At the same time, the number of people attending “seldom or never” raised by almost 5% (30%) in the same period. Likewise, in a 2018 research, Gallup highlighted that the average number of Catholics who attend a church event once a week is down to 39%—a 6% drop over the earlier time.

Furthermore, a study shows that mostly the young generation tends to skip out their weekly church services. However, we must also notice that not all churches face this situation of lessened attendance. On average, the participation of Protestants is continually reporting to be stable.

At the same time, churches that work around this fall of attendance are those that reach to people via various online platforms, which also include apps, social media, and live streaming. Thus, it proves that live streaming can maintain, and even raise, the attendance of worshippers.

Over to You!

So, that was all about using live streaming for church services. It is the latest trend running in the digital world. As said earlier, live streaming has been expanding its circle. Nowadays, almost everyone knows it, and more people are getting familiar with it.

However, if you are reaching out to a tech-savvy younger audience, then you must consider a few rules to glue them to your speech. Make sure that you speak in a language that they understand. You must make use of a friendlier tone. Today’s generation knows the technology very well. They spend a lot of time on social media and other chatting apps, which includes Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, etc.

Therefore, your conversation must have a touch of recent trends. It must be attractive enough to glue the young generation.

If you want to use live streaming, then you must be well prepared with the entire set-up. Hey, it doesn’t include a lot of expensive equipment. The set up is easy and straightforward. Gone are the days when we were using a long Ethernet cable to get access to the internet. Well, now you can 4G Live Streaming Encoder. You can control this device directly with a mobile phone app. So, you don’t have to carry bulky laptops around. As a result, the live streaming of events becomes much more accessible and comfortable.