Now, let’s learn what to do before the live stream.

1. Anchors and assistants

The Canton Fair requires anchors have a China ID and a China Mobile Number.

We need team members, who know the product well, familiar with trade terms, skill in English. Then we can build a professional live team: anchor, assistant, and technical support.

Also, we need some live teams for live shifts to cover different jet lag areas’ clients.


2.Live venue layout

The live broadcast venue is one of the key factors in attracting clients to stay and interact. Also, the live venue should present a good image of the company, show the products’ character.

Different and rich live venues make live broadcasts more lively. It can help you have more chance to communicate with clients in your live room.

For example, a physical exhibition hall to display products to help clients know more.

3.Selection of live broadcast equipment

From the official instructions and customer service reply. We can use mobile phones or third-party live streaming devices to do a live broadcast.

The anchor uses the mobile end (iOS /Android), other live devices need to use a to third-party push streaming. Ensure that the video and audio functions are working.

The assistant can log in from the computer side, recommend to use Google Chrome version 74 or above. Ensure that the video and audio functions are working.

If you need a good live picture quality, interpolation, or PPT. also, a clean and noiseless audio. Then, you need to prepare professional live devices and video cameras. Let’s check the details as below:


Video Camera1-2pcsConventional HD camera to get live images, the other focus on the main image, one to move the lens or take close-ups of the product, or a wide-angle 1080P camera with beauty highlighting
Live Streaming Switcher1pcsEncoder push the video from camera to media server for live streaming, it is recommended to use multiple-screen live stream encoder. Touch screen, picture-in-picture, video interpolation, PPT interpolation, and other basic functions, with the aggregation function, can protect the live streaming smoothly.

Equipment reference: Mine R8 bonding switcher.

Wireless MicrophoneMore pcsWireless microphones enable clean radio, automatic noise reduction, and avoid live noise between broadcasts, such as Sony’s wireless microphones.
Tripod2pcsThe tripod can stabilize the camera so that the picture does not shake, the merchants can be configured according to the number of camera positions
Fill flashAbove 2pcsFill flash can brighten up the anchor and product for a more vibrant picture, and it is recommended to purchase a hand-held lighting device with a stand
EthernetThe site must have a network with more than 20M uplink to ensure a smooth picture


4. Prepare rich live material

Prepare the material needed for the live broadcast in advance. It can help to present a good company image, show product characteristics. also, building and consolidating trust.

  • To show the strength and advantages of the enterprise.


business performance

R & D strength

market distribution

patent rights

industry certification


supply chain integration service features

authoritative media reports

customer endorsement, etc;

  • To show the characteristics of the product.

product patents



use of the scene

detail close-up

internal structure


quality control

factory workshop realistic scenes, etc;

  • To show good service.

signing convenience

freight logistics

customer invitation

after-sales service, etc;

  • The construction of the Live room: the name and cover picture of each live room etc.
  • More material: brand film, product film, company profile PPT, product PPT, etc;

5. Adequate time planning and rehearsal of judges.

Time schedule according to the working day and time zone of the target customer’s region.

Live broadcast preparation time recommendation. Generally speaking, the live content should be completed at least 7 days before the live broadcast.

Next, the anchor, assistants, business support staff, videographers, etc. need to prepared for a live rehearsal.

6. How to get traffic.

  • Grasp the existing customers, use the official invitation letter of the Canton Fair to invite customers to browse the website.
  • The station natural search, rely on the station users’ natural search, get customers to browse. But this part of the company needs to set up keywords, such as each product has a title and 10 keywords, title by the previous form is the product + product attributes (color, size, material, etc.), and gets, keyword planning to meet the needs of the target customer, to meet the taste of customers.
  • In-site advertising promotion, through the form of in-site advertising promotion, to get target customers in advance, and turn them into our own loyal “fans”.
  • Overseas promotion, relying on off-site Google, Facebook and other overseas placement to get overseas buyers in advance.