How Can Live 4G Products Help During the Epidemic?

Nowadays, many countries have a lockdown because of the new Corona Virus. Most people have to stay at home and work from home. Some industries are facing severe challenges, whereas some sectors are getting new development opportunities.

In this drastic situation, remote medical consultation, remote video teaching and training, video conferencing, and online meetings all make full use of the online live broadcast, bringing new development opportunities for enterprises.

Remote Medical Consultation Is the Trend

Now, remote consultation solutions have become a priority after this epidemic. Doctors and medical authorities can provide 1080p high-definition smooth audio and video consulting solutions through the internet. Videos can still play smoothly without freezing with 3G/4G networks.

Video Teaching and Training Offer Flexible Learning

Likewise, students will lead a fulfilling and busy life. February 17 should be the official start date of schools. Affected by the epidemic, most schools have postponed opening. At this time, they can carry out online education. Well, students can watch the video at home and interact in real-time. All you have to do is transfer the teacher’s teaching video to the network platform.

Remote Video Conference Creates Convenient Communication and Improves Efficiency

On February 3, the first day after the Spring Festival, it was a day to reduce contact, effectively isolate and prevent the spread of the epidemic. According to relevant data, employees of various companies or organizations spend more than 30% of their working hours to participate in conferences each year. Thus, video conferences can help participants save time and improve efficiency.

Online Live News Conference Is More Popular

Now, companies are cancelling their most offline meetings to avoid the risk of large-scale gatherings. But, the demand for new products and branding will not be affected by the epidemic. For sensitive business owners, once they miss the opportunity to launch a new product, they may lose the user’s favorite and lead to a decline in market share. Online real-time meetings not only preserve on-site costs and workforce but also save the preparation time. At the same time, live broadcast makes the conference more flexible.

  • First, webcasting is effective in one-to-many communication. With only cameras and transmission equipment, you can clearly describe the features of the product. Moreover, you can communicate your message to all viewers watching the live broadcast.
  • Secondly, webcasting can avoid the risk of a crowd gathering.
  • Finally, webcasting enables customers to ask questions about products. The company executives can understand the doubts of customers by interacting with them in real-time. In short, they can bring brands and businesses closer to users.

What Is Webcasting?

Here, MiNE Media will explain the webcasting to everyone.

Well, webcasting has something in common with live TV. All video transmission requires a camera or other video source. However, the output of these devices, i.e. the video has a large size. Thus, one must compress the video source file, especially high-definition videos. That’s because these videos carry more details to display, making the amount of data more massive. Thus, you must have an encoding device to compress the original extensive data. This device reduces redundant information to make a successful network transmission. But, the question is, how to achieve a perfect live network?

Achieving a Perfect Live Network

First, register the live address on the live network platform, and configure the MiNE Media live stream encoder to connect to the camera.

Then, the captured images are transmitted online to media server; and then viewed via a mobile phone/computer.

If it is going to display on the large screen of the monitoring centre, then you must configure a high-definition decoder to connect to the network and display the large screen. Lastly, you can watch the entire video.

Diagram: camera-Mine Q8 live bonding encoder-media server-mobile phone/computer to watch. If it needs to be displayed on the large screen of the monitoring centre, it can be equipped with Mine HD decoder.

Over to You!

As you can see, live streaming is going to become a prominent solution in the upcoming days. There will be a huge demand for 4G live products. Many work fields and industries require live streaming for various purposed. So, there is no doubt that live 4G products will dominate the digital world.