1. The Reason Why we launch Vertical Live Mode

With the continuous development of Internet technology, smartphones are more closely connected to people’s daily lives, and online shopping, watching videos, and watching live streams are becoming more and more every day. We’re no longer single-mindedly watching the show live through computers, TV, but more through the smartphone.

As known to us, “Horizontal” has been the mainstream video format, including television, movies, and has become the basic format of online video content. With the popularity of smartphones, the vertical screen model is now on the rise, and it is now permeating the entire ecosystem of mobile applications, including news, games, advertising, etc.

Horizontal and vertical screens are two different visual experiences. in any case, the vertical video doesn’t replace horizontal video either.

The horizontal screen remains the dominant format in the professional live broadcast space. But in mobile communications, the vertical video still has a lot of room for imagination.

2. Backup Video Play Function

You can play video ads before live streaming, or use in the intermission of live streaming.


3. R8 Bonding Video Switcher Update Info.

Device Model:Mine R8

Firmware Version:

Update Date:April 26th, 2020

(Please wait for 10 minutes for device update)

What’s the Update:
  1. Add backup video play function, can play MP4 format and JPG format pictures (not more than 1080P)
  2. optimize App control OSD operation, synchronize device OSD to App setup interface
  3. PSD text settings on the device add custom colors, OSD images add JPG format support
  4. Increase the picture-in-picture size and position saving function
  5. Fix the problem of pull-flow compatibility causing the probable sound jam.


Device Model:Mine R8

Firmware Version:

Update Date:May 18th, 2020

What’s the Update:
  1. Adding the vertical Live stream mode
  2. New vertical network streaming and local vertical video playback function
  3. New PVW video loop-out function
  4. Optimize local video playback compatibility
  5. Optimizing SDI support for SD signals

  • The device defaults to horizontal mode, by setting to turn on the vertical mode, restart the device to enter the horizontal mode.
  • APP adds OSD setting function for vertical mode, turn on vertical mode, OSD auto conversion