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A Litttle Story About MiNE Media

Partnering with MiNE Media, the young but professional broadcast brand has been a fresh experience for you. It is a professional provider of live broadcast solutions, focusing on outdoor portable broadcasting products, such as a 5G/4G streaming encoder and 4G cellular bonding router.

What makes MiNE Media unique is that all our products are focused on network aggregation. Whether it is a video encoder, video switcher, or bonding router, we use our bonding technology to provide a stable network for different types of outdoor live broadcasts.

For 17 years now, we have been pursuing the development and manufacture of high-quality and low-delay broadcasting equipment.

We are committed to establishing the live broadcast ecosystem of MiNE Media. Provide more products and solutions for outdoor live broadcasting activities.

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Featured 5G/4G Bonding Encoder Model

Mine Q9 5G Bonding Encoder

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Mine R8 4G Bonding Switcher

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Mine Q8 4G Bonding Encoder

Highlight Point for Mine Q8

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