The Best Solution for High-Speed Video Transmission in Drones

Drone plays its role in many places, such as emergency, resource exploration, broadcasting and television, and so on. With the help of a drone and high-definition camera equipment, we can widen our vision. But, the data amount of high-resolution video is quite huge. With the improvement of ground resolution, the video data need to be transmitted increases in geometric series, and the data code rate also increases rapidly. Thus, high-speed [...]

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How Can Live 4G Products Help During the Epidemic?

Nowadays, many countries have a lockdown because of the new Corona Virus. Most people have to stay at home and work from home. Some industries are facing severe challenges, whereas some sectors are getting new development opportunities. In this drastic situation, remote medical consultation, remote video teaching and training, video conferencing, and online meetings all make full use of the online live broadcast, bringing new development opportunities for enterprises. Remote [...]

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The Week’s Top Stories About Remote Image Transmission

Today's world is packed with a lot of advanced technologies. We cannot challenge the truth that these innovations and developments in the technology sector have changed our lives completely. It has made our life more superior, faster, and comfortable. Well, with the continuous development of network technology, more and more people have changed the way they used to work before. Now, they spend a lot of time on the internet. [...]

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How to Set Live Streaming Parameters?

In live streaming, you may come across various issues, such as blurred or stuck images. It all happens due to network limitations like reduced speed or poor connection. Many times, these problems are often related to the set parameters. It is not that the larger the value, the better. Making the right adjustment of parameters in different application scenarios and mixed network environments can maximize the demand for live broadcasting. [...]

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How to Calculate 4G Traffic During Live Streaming?

The quality of internet connection plays a significant role in making your live streaming successful. However, many other factors need some consideration. Some of our clients often ask us how much 4G traffic will be there when live streaming for one hour? Also, how long does it take for one 64G or 128G storage TF card recoding? So, let's find out the best way to calculate the 4 G traffic [...]

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