The Difference Between M4 4G Bonding Router and Ordinary Router

A router, in general, is a device that connects various local area networks and wide area networks on the Internet. It is also recognised as a gateway device (Gateway) since it works well in connecting many logically separated networks. Well, this logical network often denotes a subnet or a single network. So, the router's routing function serves in the transmission of data, from one subnet to another. Thus, the router [...]

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Things You Should Know About NDI Protocol

If you look at the recent technology trends, you will notice that the broadcasting media sector is adopting the latest technology. Now, this sector is using NDI over Serial Digital Interface (SDI.) It will help this sector increase the interoperability between the software and production hardware. But, what is the meaning of NDI in general? The Meaning of NDI Well, NDI is an abbreviation of Network Device Interface. NewTek has [...]

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What are the applications of 4G Live Encoders?

The real-time streaming media field is developing fast. This field is expanding because of the development of technology and everyone's favor for the live broadcast. As a result, a large number of broadcast platforms have emerged. Now, the broadcast device has become an excellent channel to promote products and brands. Its fast transmission speed and unlimited geographical distribution make it suitable in various industries. Thus, many businesses are also willing [...]

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