In-Depth Analysis of Video Frame Synchronization Technology and the Future Trend of Remote IP Broadcasting

In today's video communication domain, frame synchronization technology is gaining significant attention. This article delves into the importance, implementation methods, and the impact of remote IP broadcasting on video live streaming technology. 1. Definition of Frame Synchronization In the broadcasting industry, frame synchronization ensures that audio and video signals transmitted through different paths can be played synchronously at the receiving end based on the same timeline. Its [...]

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MINE Encoder Series Bonding Server Subscription Plan and Surprising Release

Last month, we released the pricing notice for the MINE Series Equipment Aggregation Server for the first time. In order to help both new and existing customers better understand the MINE server bonding and pay-per-view streaming pricing rules, we will focus on explaining the MINE equipment bonding principle, the composition of pay-per-view streaming flow, as well as the details of our data package plans. Additionally, we have a surprise [...]

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MiNE Media to Start Charging for Multi-Network Bonding Server Service Data Traffic Soon

MiNE Media, a professional provider of multi-network bonding services since 2018, has been supporting and servicing numerous live and transmission services around the world. During this period, the company has been focusing on algorithm optimization and equipment development, while bonding traffic with equipment sales subsidies. However, with the increase in online devices, the cost of bonding data traffic has become increasingly high. In order to continue investing in research and [...]

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Is the latency of SRT protocol really that good?

There are many kinds of protocols in the field of video transmission, and there are different mainstream protocols for different scenarios. We mostly use RTMP or RTMPS protocol does live to stream, But recently, more and more clients ask us if we can provide with SRT protocol. So what is the SRT? Why this protocol has suddenly become popular? Let’s check the definition of SRT firstly, according to Wikipedia's definition, [...]

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How to do professional live streaming during Canton Fair?

Now, let's learn what to do before the live stream. 1. Anchors and assistants The Canton Fair requires anchors have a China ID and a China Mobile Number. We need team members, who know the product well, familiar with trade terms, skill in English. Then we can build a professional live team: anchor, assistant, and technical support. Also, we need some live teams for live shifts to cover different jet [...]

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Get Your New Live Visual Experience : Vertical Screen Mode

The Reason Why we launch Vertical Live Mode With the continuous development of Internet technology, smartphones are more closely connected to people's daily lives, and online shopping, watching videos, and watching live streams are becoming more and more every day. We're no longer single-mindedly watching the show live through computers, TV, but more through the smartphone. As known to us, "Horizontal" has been the mainstream video format, including television, movies, [...]

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The Trends of Live Streaming – Church Services!

With each passing day, worship houses around the globe work hard on uplifting their societies. However, in today's hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, not everyone can follow the daily or weekly routine of visiting a worship place. Live streaming is the best solution, whether used for events, functions, or services. In the current digital world, live streaming is not limited to traditional broadcasting only, such as music concerts, news portals, [...]

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Do You Know the Trends of Live Streaming?

Live streaming is growing as the fastest way of entertainment, marketing, and many other activities. Due to an excellent combination of technological progress and advanced connectivity, the facility of live streaming is now practically available to everyone. As a result, this democratization of live streaming can offer many possibilities for new experiments, which will give birth to various trends. So, it seems to be an exciting time for the live [...]

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What’s the Difference Between Streaming Video Encoder and Video Decoder?

Any high-quality video has an enormous size in its raw form. Thus, such videos tend to be difficult for both broadcasters and viewers. Broadcasters find it challenging to upload these videos whereas viewers can't download them easily. Thus, encoding and decoding processes turn out useful to allow the speedy transfer of high-definition videos. So, this post will focus on Streaming Video Encoder and Video Decoder. Streaming Video Encoder and Video [...]

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How to Choose a Suitable Video Encoder for Live Broadcasting?

As we can see, many broadcast and television fields still use traditional cameras instead of network cameras. Thus, there is no way to assign an IP address on the network directly. The video output by traditional cameras is not useful in streaming media. That's because it generates massive data, which is not suitable for transmission on the network. So, a video encoder is required to compress and reduce the video [...]

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