Do You Know the Trends of Live Streaming?

Live streaming is growing as the fastest way of entertainment, marketing, and many other activities. Due to an excellent combination of technological progress and advanced connectivity, the facility of live streaming is now practically available to everyone. As a result, this democratization of live streaming can offer many possibilities for new experiments, which will give birth to various trends. So, it seems to be an exciting time for the live [...]

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What’s the Difference Between Streaming Video Encoder and Video Decoder?

Any high-quality video has an enormous size in its raw form. Thus, such videos tend to be difficult for both broadcasters and viewers. Broadcasters find it challenging to upload these videos whereas viewers can't download them easily. Thus, encoding and decoding processes turn out useful to allow the speedy transfer of high-definition videos. So, this post will focus on Streaming Video Encoder and Video Decoder. Streaming Video Encoder and Video [...]

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How to Choose a Suitable Video Encoder for Live Broadcasting?

As we can see, many broadcast and television fields still use traditional cameras instead of network cameras. Thus, there is no way to assign an IP address on the network directly. The video output by traditional cameras is not useful in streaming media. That's because it generates massive data, which is not suitable for transmission on the network. So, a video encoder is required to compress and reduce the video [...]

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Reason Why You Should Use the Live Video Encoder in a Live Broadcast

An encoder is nothing but a device, or say, a form of application that can take your video and transforms it into a digital format so that you can stream it on the platform. Thus, an encoder plays a crucial role in any live broadcasting. Importance of Live Video Encoder The live video broadcast needs a live encoder. That's because it becomes challenging to transmit the video on a network [...]

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The Difference Between M4 4G Bonding Router and Ordinary Router

A router, in general, is a device that connects various local area networks and wide area networks on the Internet. It is also recognised as a gateway device (Gateway) since it works well in connecting many logically separated networks. Well, this logical network often denotes a subnet or a single network. So, the router's routing function serves in the transmission of data, from one subnet to another. Thus, the router [...]

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Things You Should Know About NDI Protocol

If you look at the recent technology trends, you will notice that the broadcasting media sector is adopting the latest technology. Now, this sector is using NDI over Serial Digital Interface (SDI.) It will help this sector increase the interoperability between the software and production hardware. But, what is the meaning of NDI in general? The Meaning of NDI Well, NDI is an abbreviation of Network Device Interface. NewTek has [...]

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