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Today’s technology is changing the TV and Video viewing behaviour of internet users. With evolving business models and live streaming facility on social media, the ability to bring live video has become indispensable than ever before. The mobile networks of current era allow broadcasters to share their live videos fast from any corner of the world. In short, it proves the popularity and universal acceptance of live streaming.

Being in-line with modern trends, MiNE Media offers lightweight, easy-to-handle devices that can meet the needs of today’s live streaming. Our products use bonded IP networks which include cloud network, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G networks, and Ethernet.

Our portfolio consists of both fixed and portable encoding devices that allow fast and stable video streaming. All our products use the most advanced video encoding technology to offer the highest possible quality within the lowest bandwidth.

Besides, MiNE Media focus on devising a consistent bandwidth and secure connection so that our customers can create, handle, and share high-quality live broadcasts remotely.

Let your followers become part of your journey. Use our up-to-date bonding and live streaming technology to achieve it.


The birth of live video streaming products that use foreign technologies equipped in the domestic brand stimulated the development speed of streaming media reformation in China. In the IPTV sector, these products are widely in use.

MiNE media holds first place in the manufacturing of video streaming products. We stick to using cutting-edge technology to lead the industry.

Since its launch in the year 2004, MiNE Media has been an industry-leading pioneer company that provides streaming video encoder and other products. We offer pixel-perfect Live streaming media everywhere, thereby connecting public, businesses, and organizations.

When we commenced our journey in this field, we were not happy with the condition, performance, and quality of the internet-based video sharing. With more than a decade of experience in the research area, we knew what was perhaps achievable, both theoretically and practically. We also knew that smart networking devices could come across significant obstacles that may occur from numerous unforeseen situations such as ISP issues, cross-traffic, etc. However, we decided to tackle these barriers to improve the network experience of users significantly.

Below are the key highlights, or say, notable milestones of our journey.

April 2020

Early in 2004, we developed and launched our first product “portable visual presenter” in China.

Later in 2007, MiNE media was first recognized by the community for being a pioneer company to develop video converter. In 2008, we won Class to Class Project of EDB through a bidding process that happened in Chengdu, China. Year 2010, we launched our first video capture product in the market.

The year 2011 noted a remarkable development in terms of establishing strategic cooperation with Inspur Group. In 2012, we became a distributor of Magewell in the region of South China.

Later in 2015, we partnered with Huawei and became a supplier of UVC video capture.

In 2016, we received a copyright registration certificate for computer software.

Early in 2017, we launched our 4G video encoder and 4G bonding router in the market.

In 2018, we launched our next product, 3x4G bonding video encoder.

The year 2019 added a new product in our portfolio, bonding video switcher.

Now, the year 2020, the journey continues in partnership with our valued customers.

Our passion is to create innovative products that need minimal human intervention to set-up and operate. We are developing products that can make your Live streaming sessions faster. Most of our products can detect and effectively work around abrupt network issues to optimize the experience of end-users.


We have a straightforward vision – we work hard to accelerate the growth of our customers. That’s why we think of policies over earnings. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers. Therefore, instead of looking at the price tag and profit margins, we always suggest the most suitable product to our customers based on their specific requirements.

We perceive the vision of our customers and mix it up with our profound technological expertise and industry knowledge. That’s why our team takes efforts to bring sustainability, security, and quality.

Our Values

  • Let’s be a Global family that esteems diversity.

  • Always deliver the best thing with 3 Ps (Pace, Passion, and Precision.)

  • Trust each other, have faith, and win together.

  • Plan sustainable growth for everyone.


We have the best innovators, creators, and problem-solvers in our team. We are eager to empower the broadcasters and individuals who use live streaming.

Xiaotao Wu
Xiaotao WuFounder & CEO
Mr. Wu, a streaming-industry veteran, is the founder and CEO of Mine Tech. He has a deep understanding and vast knowledge of live video acquisition, contribution, and management solutions. Being one of the most respected and associated visionaries in the audio-video industry, Mr. Wu specializes in the field of a graphics software component and Cloud platform technology. He is well-known for his strategic leadership skills and the ability to identify and catch strategic business opportunities.
Gavin Lee
Gavin Lee Marketing Specialist
An expert marketing head, Gavin Lee creates and manages all marketing strategies at Mine Tech. His role includes but is not limited to product marketing, branding, promotions, public relations, trade shows, lead generation, and online marketing. He has been actively promoting company products in various industries, which includes China Mobile, China Telecom, China Railway Administration, etc. Before joining Mine Tech, he successfully managed an educational brand IBoard. Moreover, he holds more than 12 years of administrative experience in audio and video R & D, e-commerce, crafting and communicating the stories of B2B technology companies.
John Lee
John Lee R & D Expert
An agile R & D expert, John Lee brings ideas to life. He works on creating innovative products and solutions to form a consistent bandwidth and stable connection that can allow users to acquire, manage, and distribute high-quality live broadcasts remotely. Before joining Mine Tech, John delivered his services to Huawei for more than 10-years. He was the manager of R & D department. Besides, he also closely collaborated with the customers of Huawei located in different continents, which includes Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and other regions.

We hire professionals and extensively train them to become the best match in the industry. After that, these professionals turn into product specialists who take the customer’s remark and act promptly.


Together with the most advanced production techniques and a team of expert technicians, we can manufacture a vast assortment of live streaming products. We create our products using the best quality raw material. Moreover, we carry out standard quality tests regularly. Thus, our products are popular among our clients. Our products are suitable and useful in the following areas:

  • Outdoor Sports

  • Medical Broadcast

  • Wedding Broadcast

  • Online Classes/Education

  • Company Conferences

  • YouTube & Facebook Live Streaming

  • Live Events

  • Outdoor Interviews

  • Press Conferences


Want to take advantage of our knowledge base and tremendous experience? We are here to offer superior quality live streaming products. We maintain industry standards by adopting precise quality parameters.

You can choose us for various reasons, such as:

  • Proper work disciplines

  • Quality certified products

  • Dedicated staff

  • Modern infrastructure

  • Large warehouse

  • 24×7 availability

  • Client-centric customer service


At MiNE Media, we are eager to assist you with hardware, software, and guidance! Our production unit, distribution centre, and corporate office are in Shenzhen, China. You can reach to us for factory visit or placing your orders. Feel free to call us on the given numbers, send us a note by filling the contact form or get in touch with our sales team via E-mail.

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